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Practical information

We look forward to welcoming you at the Nordic World Heritage Conference 2022. At this page you will find practical information regarding the conference.

The conference is being held at Gaustablikk Mountain Resort.
The resort is situated 175 km west of Oslo, about 3 hours drive and 223 km and 3,5 hours from Oslo Airport.
For further information about the hotel click here:  Hotel – Gaustablikk Mountain Resort

Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th of September, pick-up buses will be arranged from Kongsberg to Gaustablikk Mountain Resort. These buses are included in the conference ticket.

We recommend going by train from Oslo Airport or Oslo Central Station to Kongsberg. For mandatory ticket reservation – https://www.vy.no.

The timetables are as follows:

Monday 5th of September

Train Oslo Airport – Kongsberg 15.43 – 17.30
Train Oslo Central Station – Kongsberg 16.02 – 17.32
(incl. in the conference ticket)
Kongsberg – Gaustablikk Mountain Resort 18.00 – 19.30


Tuesday 6th of September

Train Oslo Airport Gardermoen – Kongsberg 07.43 – 09.25
Train Oslo Central Station – Kongsberg 08.09 – 09.25
(incl. in the conference ticket)
Kongsberg – Gaustablikk Mountain Resort 10.00 – 11.30


Thursday 8th of September

(incl. in the conference ticket)
Gaustablikk Mountain Resort – Notodden 09.00 – 10.15
(incl. in the conference ticket)
Notodden – Kongsberg 15.00 – 15.30
Train Kongsberg – Oslo Central Station or
Kongsberg – Oslo Central Station
15.34 – 16.51
16.33 – 17.51
Train Kongsberg – Oslo Airport or
Kongsberg – Oslo Airport
15.34 – 17.17
16.33 – 18.17

Local transport at the conference to parallel sessions and dinner on the 7th is included in the conference ticket.

For those travelling by private car, parking is available at Gaustablikk Mountain Resort.



Pre-tour 1 M/S Victoria 5th of September

All participants are responsible for transport to Skien themselves.

For train timetable and mandatory reservations see: www.vy.no/en

The program starts in Skien at 13.30.
Departure by M/S Victoria at 14.00.
Arrival Notodden at 18.30.
Bus transfer to Gaustablikk Mountain Resort at 19.00.
Arrival Gaustablikk Mountain Resort at 20:30

Pre-tour 2 Gaustatoppen 6th of September

To attend this pre-tour you need to arrive the 5th of September and stay overnight at
Gaustablikk Mountain Resort OR arrive by own car latest 6th of September at 08.00.

If you need transportation from Kongsberg to Gaustablikk 5th of September see further information above.

The program starts with bus transfer from Gaustablikk Mountain Resort at 08.30.
Arrival Gaustabanen at 08.45
Departure Gaustabanen at 09.00
Arrival Gaustatoppen at 09.30
Departure Gaustatoppen 10.30
Arrival Gaustablikk at 11.15

Accommodation will take place at Gaustablikk Mountain Resort, a traditional Norwegian mountain hotel. There are different kinds of accommodation: hotel rooms, apartments and cabins.  Everybody will get their own bedroom.

Gaustatoppen Sportell is a 5 minute drive with arranged shuttle buses, and will be used as an alternative accommodation when Gaustablikk Mountain Resort is fully booked.

Dress code
The conference is situated in the mountains, so the weather can be shifting. Please bring warm clothes, wind jacket and good foot wear.

For conference and dinner at Gaustablikk: Smart casual

Dinner at Vemork: Formal

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