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Pre-tour 2: Gaustabanen to the peak of Gaustatoppen

Welcome to a fantastic trip with Gaustabanen to the top of Gaustatoppen, 1883 meters above sea level. At the top, dedicated guides will take you on a journey back to the Cold War in the NATO facility, built inside the mountaintop in the 1950s. You can also enjoy the magnificent view from the top of Gaustatoppen. On a clear day you can see 1/6 of Norway. The trip includes refreshments and a snack.

Duration: 2,5 – 3 hours
Price: 590,- excl. VAT

The Gaustabanen is a mountain funicular that runs from Longefonn (1150 meters above sea level) almost to the top of Gaustatoppen. From the start to the top, it takes 15 minutes, and the track consists of two stretches and three stations. From the lower station, however, an electric tram takes you 850 meters into the mountain to Brekket Station. Here you will transfer to cable car which takes you to the upper station and the exit at the top.

The funicular was originally built as part of a secret NATO facility in 1959. After NATO left the facility, enthusiasts worked hard and managed to open the funicular for the public in 2010. Today, the Gaustabanen is open all year, is very popular and gives easy access to Gaustatoppen.

Gaustatoppen in Rjukan is claimed to be the most beautiful mountain in Norway and rises majestically over Rjukan in Telemark. Despite being easily accessible and easily climbed, you will experience a spectacular view from the top. It is said that this is where you can see farthest in Norway.

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